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TV 5 Philippines – Live Streaming

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The original Channel 5, or Associated Broadcasting Corporation was first granted a Congressional franchise under Republic Act No. 2945 dated June 19, 1960. ABC operated as a radio and television broadcasting network from 1960 until September 21, 1972 when it was closed down upon the declaration of martial law for its courageous and critical stance against military rule.

After the People Power Revolution and the installation of President Corazon Aquino in February, 1986, the late Don Chino Roces, founder and patriarch of ABC and a revered nationalist, made representations with President Aquino for the reopening of ABC.

ABC broke ground in its new home in Novaliches, Quezon City in 1990. In no time, a transmitter tower and a world class studio complex rose in the the skyline. By the the final quarter of 1991, ABC was on test broadcast. Commercial operation started in February, 1992. A brand new network was born ABC Development Corporation, doing business under the trade name Associated Broadcasting Company, under the leadership of Edward U. Tan, Chairman & Managing Director and Edgardo C. Roces, President.

ABC acquired a new franchise to operate on December 8, 1994, under Republic Act 7831 signed by then President Fidel V. Ramos. ABC swiftly acquired a reputation as the country’s fastest-growing network, as it feverishly established one provincial station after another to blanket the archipelago. It also acquired a reputation for creativity and innovation as it aggressively produced and launched trend setting programs.

Today, ABC has fifteen (15) stations and over 100 cable TV affiliates countrywide. It has earned honors and awards both here and abroad for its homegrown programs. In 1999, ABC was awarded the last remaining UHF frequency (Channel 47), winning over a field of competitors, because of its capabilities and track record. Channel 47 is expected to be operational soon.

Mission and Vision

ABC Channel 5 is deeply honored to rejoin the ranks of the media community. Being in media is a rare privilege. It opens a lot of doors to the truth. That, we believe is among the greatest responsibilities of media. To get at the truth at all costs. To disseminate information. And help shape an informed and enlightened citizenry capable of valued judgment and free to choose its options.

But the fearless pursuit of the truth is nothing new to Channel 5. ABC has a courageous and victorious past. It has a record that makes us all proud, and challenges us to do even better.

Of course, the technology and facilities of the new Channel 5 are a quantum leap from that of the old. We have kept up with the information age. But we believe that technology is not everything. No amount of automation, of technological innovations, can make human capability obsolete. For technology serves people and not the other way around. People develop technology that it may be used in the service of man. And that, precisely, is what ABC 5 proposes to do. To make maximum use of the facilities at its disposal to serve its mission.

ABC 5 commits itself to being a free, responsible, and responsive network, as a member of media should be. To safeguard press freedom, and at the same time to use it judiciously.

ABC 5 aspires to be bold, daring and innovative in its programming, as a proponent of the communications
arts should be. To strike a balance. To serve the needs and preferences of a wide audience base, but at the
same time, to be guided by what is right and good, and not only by what have been tried and tested.

ABC 5 will discharge its role as a responsible and involved member of the Philippine community, as a good corporate citizen should. It acknowledges the critical role that media plays in bringing about a truly free, humane, and progressive society and will therefore actively seek to make its humble contribution to our economic, social, and cultural upliftment and transformation.

ABC 5 will join hands with the nation – through the best and the worst of times. To temper glory with sobriety. To inspire courage and fortitude during crisis. To instill pride in ourselves and reliance in our own efforts. To safeguard our democratic institutions, not with arms but with the power of information.

We shall build the future upon today. The challenge is forbidding. The responsibilities we have accepted are by no means light. And heavier is still – the mission we have imposed upon ourselves. But we are confident that we shall swiftly take off from the ground. For as we have done in the past, and as we continue to do today, we trust in the help of the One above. Through all these years, He has been the wind beneath our wings.

A Cut Above The Rest

In a short span of nine years, amid escalating network wars, ABC has made its mark. Fueled by its pioneering and indomitable spirit, ABC has proudly established many firsts in the Philippine broadcast industry, progressively expanded its reach, and blazed new broadcast trails to place itself a cut above the rest.

As it moves forward in the 21st century, ABC keeps abreast with rapid advances in technology. Even as it aspires to be at par regionally – even globally – it continues to lead the way in reflecting the rich Filipino cultural values and heritage.

As an instrument for service and agent of change, ABC strives to remain attuned to the needs of discerning audiences, and to sustain the highest levels of productivity, efficiency, and creativity which have always been its driving force.

Provincial Stations & Affiliates

In rapid succession, ABC has established provincial stations and cable TV affiliates countrywide. At present, ABC has fifteen (15) television stations, including ABC 5 Manila. Five are ABC-owned stations — ABC 2 Davao, ABC 21 Cebu, ABC 28 Baguio, ABC 2 Laoag, and ABC 5 Manila. The rest are affiliates.

ABC affiliated with DZGB-TV5 Naga on January 30, 1992, and with DXGB-TV11 Zamboanga on November 2, 1992. ABC 21 in Cebu City started in December, 1992. ABC affiliated with DXHB-TV8 Cagayan de Oro on January 16, 1993. On July 5, 1993 ABC 28 in Baguio started to operate and ABC 2 Davao commenced regular commercial telecast. ABC affiliated with DWGB-TV6 Legaspi on July 7, 1995, followed by DWCB-TV11 Sorsogon on August 1, 1995. To cover the north, ABC inaugurated ABC 2 Laoag in January, 1997.

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