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Aegis Band Songs Playlist



1. Halik
2. Munting Pangarap
3. Luha
4. Sinta
5. Pagsubok
6. Miss na Miss Kita
7. Sayang na Sayang
8. Basang-Basa sa Ulan
9. Mahal Na Mahal Kita
10. Pagbabalik
11. Bayan Ko
12. May Bukas Pa
13. Jesus
14. Maniwala Ka
15. Bakit [Ako Ngayo’y Hate Mo]
16. Minahal Kita
17. Mary Jane
18. Luha

Origin: Quezon City, Philippines
Genres: OPM, Pinoy rock, Alternative rock, Pop rock
Years active: 1995–present
Labels: Alpha Records
Website: http://aegisband.multiply.com

Aegis is the sixtet Filipino alternative rock band (five girls and a man).


They are to the masses what Side A is to the yuppies; indeed, they are reaching a far greater, wider market than any other band in the Philippines today. We’re faced with all the 6 members of the Aegis Band, five girls and a man, whom the girls tease as already being like one of them. Of course, they’re just kidding. It’s nothing more than long years of close friendship and togetherness… close to ten years to be exact.

It’s hard to believe that a musical group could last this long in the business of making music, traveling to foreign shoes, sharing rooms, food, stories and lives. But that’s the reality. The band has truly become a family after years of shared experiences. Furthermore, they are not merely a family. Due to the potpourri of native roots within the band, the AEGIS members also seem to represent the three major islands of the Philippines.

Juliet and Mercy Sunot, the lead vocalists, come all the way from Cagayan de Oro. Stella is from Misamis Occidental. Vilma Goloviogo’s from Manila, while bass guitarist Rowena “Weng” Pinpin is a Pampagueno. The only male member, Rey Abenoja, hails from Leyte.

To these Aegeans, having joined Aegis is the best thing that has happened to them. Sure, they had been playing their music with other groups before, but it was only when they got together as Aegis that they felt this strong bond, an unseen link that has been seeing them through all these years.


No other pop rock band comes close to Aegis when it comes to establishing that certain hook with audiences. From north to south, east to west, all over the Philippines and possibly, beyond, Aegis music connects with the largest number of audiences.

There is a feeling of oneness with Aegis among those who are touched by Aegis’ songs. With all their high notes, bravura performances and tons of sentiments. Aegis’ songs click because they pierce right into our hearts, awakening the Filipino innate sense of melodrama, drawing both empathy and sympathy. Making them a true expression of the Filipino spirit.

Aegis has released seven albums over its career that have consistently made the Gold and Platinum marks beginning with Halik, Mahal na Mahal Kita, Awit at Pag-Ibig, Paskong-Pasko and Ating Balikan. They also released a mind-boggling remix collection of Aegis’ hits entitled Ating Sayawin. The band is also responsible for hits such as “Luha” and “Halik.” Clearly, this is one band that has survived the rigors of the Philippine music industry with flying colors.

Since they started in 2000, this band which is actually made up of siblings had strong support from Filipino masses who quickly identified with them and the sound they created. One would not mistake an Aegis song. The band effectively brands a song through their guitar riffs and the belting voices of the vocalists.

The phenomenal success of Aegis band can be attributed to two factors- their genuine talent and the strong recall of their songs.

Almost everyone in your neighborhood, be it young or old, I bet is familiar with songs like Halik or Luha. The earthshaking voices of Aegis’ lead vocalists are just too mighty not to be noticed in a pop-rock arena.

The Aegis audiences are always mesmerized by the incredible lung-power of sisters Juliet and Mercy Sunot. The two have been with the group since they started originally as AG’s Soundtrippers (the letters A and G being their manager’s initials). They later changed into Aegis in 1998 as agreed upon by the band manager & Alpha Records. Apart from the two sisters, keyboardist Stella Galindo is also the sister of the band’s manager Lito. While his (Lito’s) wife, Josie, is Rey’s sister. This ‘connection’ perhaps explains why their relationship has never been shaken despite the intrigues and politics in showbiz.

Aegis is composed of Juliet and Mercy Sunot (vocals), Stella Galindo (keyboard), Rey Abenoja (guitar), Rowena Pinpin (bass) and Vilma Goloviogo (drums).

Aegis is a band in the Philippines, known for their lead singer’s powerful vocals. Hits include titles such as “Luhà” (“Tears”), “Halík” (“Kiss”), and “Basáng-basâ sa Ulán” (“Drenched in the Rain”).

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